a comprehensive look at your Soul Origin , Divine Soul Blueprint as well as potential Blocks and Restrictions

This is a meeting with your own Divinity.In this reading my main purpose is to help you transmute any shadow energies that may still linger deep within, be it past life contracts, vows or any other blocks, preventng you from stepping into aligment with your Highest Self and your Highest Potential.Channeling information from the Akashic Records I ensure safe yet truly deep transformation on multiple levels and I re-align you with your Divine Soul Blueprint.The session takes place online on the Zoom platform and is recorded so that you can come back to it at any time.If you have any questions you can contact me by e-mail or you can book a reading via the Calendly link above.My readings are designed to help you make choices and decisions aligned with your true self.A reading of any kind should never take the power out of your own hands.Sending you love & light!333 USD (120 min recorded Zoom session)